Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Storytime

School-Age Storytime

Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor
   This is a really cool story about a little family that lives inside a snowglobe. They are waiting for the day when the big family would shake the snowglobe and make a snowstorm so they could go sledding. This is a really fun story and it led in to our snowglobe craft.

Snow by Uri Shulevitz
  The kids really liked the illustrations in this book. Especially the "creepy" television reporter who they kept asking to see again and again.

Snowie Rolie by William Joyce
   The kids also enjoyed the illustrations of the magical snowy land in this book. The story is mediocre but it kept their attention.

Crumpled Paper Snowball Fight

Divide kids into two teams and dump snowballs in the middle. Kids try to throw all the snowballs to the other teams side before time runs out.

They had fun with this activity but I couldn't judge the winner because they kept cheating :)

Snowglobes with couscous snow.

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