Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainbows and Colors!

Preschool Storytime

A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
   Great story!

Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood
   I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It seems like a perfect storytime choice but the kids just didn't seem that into it.

Duckie's Rainbow by Frances Barry
   Boring story but it's cool how the book is shaped like a rainbow. Each page reveals another color until the entire rainbow is revealed on the last page.

My Crayons Talk by Patricia Hubbard
   I'm not a huge fan of this book but the kids seemed to enjoy it. I think it's a mediocre storytime choice.

Begin with fruits of every color on the flannel board. You will need a pot or a box with a cut up rainbow inside. Begin with the apple...

Take an apple, put it in the pot. (Remove apple from flannel board and place in box or pot)
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot! (Use a stick or spoon to stir)
Take it out and what will we see, (remove the red rainbow piece from the box and place on flannel board)
The prettiest red you ever did see!

Continue swapping each piece of fruit with its corresponding rainbow color until your rainbow is complete. The kids will be impressed that you "magically" turned the fruit into a rainbow color!)

(Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

If you are wearing red today,
Red today, red today.
If you are wearing red today,
Clap your hands.

Continue with different colors and actions. (stop your feet, spin around, jump up and down...)

Paper Plate Rainbow Mobiles

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